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Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs welcomes DCF foster children.  

The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs create access and opportunity for foster children by providing free one-year access for every *DCF foster child, eighteen and under. 

Through one-year YMCA access, hundreds of DCF foster children enjoy independent and group activities that promote fun, health, creativity, community and friendship.  

The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs serves 1.3 million people across the Commonwealth. With over 700 service locations, there are 530,000 children and teens being served, 284,000 attending early learning and after school programs, and over 21,000 employed youth to provide a wide range of activities to nurture their potential and ensure their success. 

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This offer is for DCF foster children living with DCF approved foster parents and is not yet available to Congregate Care facilities and IFC placements.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your child is involved with The Department of Children and Families, your child’s social worker can make it happen! Your child’s social worker is the only way to access Wonderfund resources.

Any child, aged 0 – 24, who is involved with The Department of Children and Families.

Contact your DCF family resource worker for the letter required by the Ys for registering your foster child.

Bring the printed letter to your chosen YMCA along with your foster child to register.

There is no cost associated with the one-year access.

Each YMCA offers a menu of additional activities and programs. Some of these activities are at no cost, and some of the activities and programs may have a fee associated. You should request an outline of access benefits when you choose your YMCA location.

The YMCA staff are there to help you with any questions you may have about signing up for activities and programs. We encourage you to ask the YMCA staff about the possible cost associated with an activity and any financial assistance available. Financial aid and assistance may be available through the YMCA upon request.

The Wonderfund may also be a resource for financial assistance via your DCF family resource worker.

This offer is currently for Foster Children Only. Please speak to the YMCA staff about family memberships.

Every YMCA has its own rules and regulations. Please consult with your specific YMCA to understand the rules and expectations.

At this time, this offer is for DCF Foster Children living within DCF Approved Foster Parents only and is not yet available to Congregate Care and IFC Facilities.